About Us


THE UNZAG PHARMA started it’s business in Russia in 2018  in Moscow.  Striving to be closer to the patients and to increase the availability for the whole range of products from its portfolio, THE UNZAG PHARMA in Russia organized regional representations in economically important regions of the country 

Our highly qualified team is the most valuable asset of our company. These hard-working professionals help us to ensure successful development of our company.

We develop and manufacture the latest generation of high-quality and efficient drugs based on our wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge.

Gaining the absolute quality of our products due to the high-quality team of specialists and innovatory pharmaceutical decisions.

The company's strategic focus is on the development and launch of pulmonary drugs on the Russian market.

Mission and Values

Taking care of health and improving the quality of our patients lives.

THE UNZAG PHARMA is a stable, socially responsible and ethical company that brings the society innovative methods of treatment and prevention of diseases. Our Company aims at maintaining and preserving health and beauty, as well as improving the quality of life of millions of people on our planet.


Pharmaceutical company UNZAG PHARMA pays much attention for work with medical and healthcare facilities, therapists, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical products consumers; actively supports the scientific and practical conferences and seminars that promote the experience exchange, as well as educational programs to improve the doctors’ qualification. THE UNZAG PHARMA actively supports the medical and social projects, aimed at maintaining and improving the health quality of the planet inhabitants.

Our Staff

The numerous staff of company is for 70% consists of the medical representatives ― a team of professionals with medical education that is actively work in all regions of Russian with doctors of various specialties: pediatricians, therapists, allergists, dermatologists, gynecologists, ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, experts in resuscitation, family physicians etc., as well as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians of chemists.